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eventhesmallest's Journal

Frodo Baggins
22 September
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Frodo Baggins

As the Ring-bearer and then principal protagonist of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo is endowed with a temperament well suited to resist evil. He is brave, selfless, thoughtful, wise, observant, and even unfailingly polite. Unlike the common run of provincial, self-satisfied Hobbits, Frodo is curious about the outside world and knowledgeable about the traditions of the Elves. As everyone from Bilbo to Gandalf to Aragorn notices, there is something special in Frodo, something that sets him apart from the rest of his race—a fineness, perhaps, or an inner strength. Frodo’s goodness, wisdom, and generally impeccable character might make him seem one-dimensional if he were not so frequently wracked with doubt and faced with obstacles he feels unable to surmount. Frodo is not Elrond, nor even Aragorn; he has no otherworldly powers or even physical prowess.

Perhaps what distinguishes Frodo more than any other quality is the sense of remote sadness and reluctance that surrounds him. Unlike Aragorn or even Gandalf, there is no particular glory associated with Frodo. He has a great task, but it is to him simply a burden—one that grows heavier as the quest progresses. While in the Shire, Frodo dreamed of adventure; on his quest, he simply longs for home. His great adventure does not feel like an adventure to him; it is simply a task, and an impossible one at that.

[[Character summary taken from Sparknotes.com. Frodo Baggins is the property of JRR Tolkien, his film portrayal is the property of Peter Jackson/New Line Cinema. He is portrayed by Elijah Wood.]]

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